Steering the ship

New leaders have a chance to be open and build a trust with the student body and staff.

With campaigning for financial aid money, keeping tuition at bay and hoisting the tallest building in North Philadelphia, the university is an institution on the rise. But administrators should prioritize old business before the towering ship overshadows the conversations of yesteryear.

Commissioned by former President Ann Weaver Hart, a report outlining concerns and issues stemming from students living off campus has still not met public discussion. The report, delivered to Hart in January, could have indicated ways to better acquaint students moving into the neighborhood before actually doing so.

Acting President Richard Englert and other top officials should bring that conversation to the forefront. Allowing the report to collect dust undermines the efforts of a task force that worked hurriedly to issue a comprehensive report.

Temple shouldn’t wait for Neil Theobald, the university’s 10th president, to arrive in January in order to get to work on pressing issues with which current administrators are well-versed.

That being said, The Temple News recognizes the number of concerns and issues Theobald will be delivered during his transition to Temple and commends him for getting an early start.

Theobald’s approach to communication with students and faculty thus far is refreshing. His willingness to field questions from both groups, and from reporters, in person and via email, represents what could be an era of increased openness. Englert, who has been equally accommodating, could kickstart that better than anyone.

At the end of the spring semester, we urged officials to open doors, rather than close off meetings that will affect students and staff, and to opt for transparency whenever possible. From the looks of it, both captains steering the university this year are heading in that direction.

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