‘Stick to the game plan’

Sophomore Mia Davis is Temple’s leading returning scorer and one of the team’s three captains.

What do you think the team’s ceiling is this year?

Our goal is to have more wins than we did last year. We are trying to make it into the [NCAA] tournament, of course.

What did your freshman season teach you that could help you improve this year?

My freshman season taught me to never give up, always work hard. So this year, I’m coming in with a better mindset.

What did you do to improve your game over the summer?

More ball-handling, picking up extra shots and working on my 3-point shot.

How are you looking to improve the road record? 

We are looking to just settle down more, focus more and stick more to the game plan, play better defense. Because I think that is one of the things we struggled with last year, so we gotta come in this year with a better defensive mind.

Who is your favorite teammate to play one-on-one against? Why?

[Sophomore guard] Emani Mayo. She will always give me a challenge. I feel as though both of us are competitive, only one of us can win. And we both want to win.

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