Student newsrooms shine

The Editorial Board commends the reporting of Arizona State University’s student newspaper.

On Friday, Andrew Howard, a managing editor of The State Press, Arizona State University’s independent student newspaper, reported that Kurt Volker, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, had resigned. 

Volker, who is also the executive director of the McCain Institute, a think tank that ASU owns, had been named in a whistleblower complaint that has since sparked an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s alleged request to Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son.

The State Press’ scoop eventually landed on the front page of media outlets across the world.

Howard was just doing his job, which was to cover the university, he told the New York Times.

“We decided to take an approach to the story that a national outlet might not, and reach out to the university,” Howard added. “I’m not sure we ever expected to get the scoop that we did.”

The Editorial Board commends Howard and the staff at The State Press for their acute news sense and ability to report stories of national importance.

We hope that The State Press’ accomplishment inspires journalism students to write and report with confidence and ambition. Student journalists are professional journalists and deserve to be recognized as such.

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