Student org. to host games for cash

A new campus organization will hold assorted games, sports tournaments and contests in order to raise scholarship money for deserving students.

Rob Price thinks he might be onto something big.

His newly formed group has found a way to combine stiff, yet friendly competition in various events with public service in the form of scholarships for deserving Temple students.

“Basically, our goal is to get more competition-based events on campus, while at the same time help our fellow students in need,” said Price, co-founder of the new student-run organization Temple Contest Series.

Price, a junior kinesiology major, said he got the idea for the organization after he and his friends found themselves wondering why there weren’t more competition-driven activities on campus.

“My close friends and I have always been competitive in whatever we do,” Price said. “We kept asking each other, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a lot of different tournaments going on campus that people can participate in?’ Finally, we figured, instead of waiting around for it, let’s just organize it ourselves.”

In addition to establishing an outlet for friendly competition, Price decided to add a public service aspect to organization’s focus.

“What we hope to do is charge a small fee for students entering our tournaments,” he said. “Some of the proceeds will go toward cash prizes for the winners and the rest will go toward scholarships for incoming freshmen who need them – maybe students needing additional financial aid or international students who need some extra cash.”

Its first event, a ping pong tournament, will be held at the beginning of the Spring 2009 semester.
Though the organization is planning on low turnout in the beginning, it hopes the events will grow incrementally, eventually culminating into a “battle of the bands” competition or art competition at the end of the semester.

“We’re going to be starting off small,” Price said. “The success of the organization will depend on how supportive the Temple community is over the course of the semester. If things work out the way we hope, we should be holding some larger scale events toward the end of spring.”

Some potential tournaments include ultimate Frisbee, two-on-two basketball games, video game and billiard competitions and a talent show.

Price said the amount of money awarded in scholarships will greatly depend on community turnout.
“Ideally, the scholarships would range from anywhere between $250 and $1,000, but those figures aren’t set in stone,” Price said.

Currently, Temple Contest Series has 20 members and six board members. For those interested in getting involved with the organization, Price recommends logging onto the new Temple Contest Series Facebook group, which has information about upcoming events and meetings.

Price said in addition to providing information, the organization’s Facebook page will help get the ball rolling on some new events.

“If anyone out there has any ideas for a tournament they think people will be interested in,” Price said. “I hope they don’t hesitate in dropping us a line.”

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