Students feel excluded from celebration

The multimillion-dollar fundraising campaign is aimed toward the wrong crowd, students say.

Temple’s 125th anniversary is an exciting milestone for current students and alumni. While students are proud of their school, they are not yet swept up in the celebration.

“The anniversary is a year-long celebration for the university, starting on Jan. 1 and ending on Dec. 31, 2009,” said Candace Amayo, assistant director for campaign programs. “The anniversary celebration coincides with the conclusion of Access to Excellence, the 125th anniversary campaign for Temple.”

Junior biology major Laura Anastor said she feels the campaign is not aimed toward current students, causing the celebration to lack significance.

To begin the Access to Excellence campaign, Temple held a gala in October 2007 at the National Constitution Center. The campaign’s goal is to raise $350 million (TTN File Photo).

“I think 125 years is a big milestone for Temple University but not huge,” Anastor said. “As far as I know, there really isn’t too much going on to incorporate current students into the events besides the athletic games. For this reason, I don’t feel as though it is that important.”

Rachel Barnes, a freshman business major, agrees with Anastor, adding that it is a good time to be at Temple, but students are not being incorporated into the celebration.

“I don’t really think the anniversary benefits or affects the current students,” Barnes said. “I feel like it wouldn’t really make a difference in my life, but it’s nice to celebrate and be proud of our school.”

Though students say there isn’t enough student involvement incorporated into the 125th anniversary celebration, Amayo said students play a large role at the university.

Throughout January, Temple’s 125th anniversary celebration was advertised in 30th Street Station with more than 150 kiosks, banners and floor graphics. There are also advertisements on SEPTA’s monthly TransPasses.

The ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the Tyler School of Art, Alter Hall and Presser Hall will have 125th anniversary themes.

Barnes said alumni should be included in the celebration.

“I think the celebration should be geared toward current students and alumni to celebrate those who have gone through Temple and succeeded and those successful people to come in the future,” Barnes said.

Anastor said notable medical alumni have been invited to a 125th anniversary reception in Connecticut.

With financial cutbacks across the board, Amayo said it is too soon to tell how they will affect Temple’s celebration.

Amayo said financial constraints will be taken into consideration, but the celebration is important.

“I think it is responsible to hold some kind of celebration because it’s definitely worth the money,” Barnes said. “I think it’s really cool to be part of Temple during the 125-year anniversary.”

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