Support overseas campuses

The Editorial Board hopes students on Main Campus become more aware of the opportunities Temple University Japan has to offer.

The most populated metropolis in the world is home to Temple University Japan. Unfortunately, though found in the ever-changing and incredibly modern Tokyo, many students at Main Campus are unaware of the big changes happening on Temple’s campuses overseas.

Recently, TUJ, the oldest foreign university in Japan, moved to a six-story building at Showa Women’s University. Left behind were the narrow halls that limited student engagement; students, staff and alumni can now appreciate their own campus culture, rather than hoping for one similar to Main Campus. 

This is the first step toward a new beginning for TUJ. Students will have access to a new location brimming with “used record stores, bars, restaurants and other universities in close proximity,” as well as a brand-new gym complex and pool. 

The Editorial Board encourages students on Main Campus to support the achievements of those in Japan — whether that be looking into potential study abroad opportunities or simply staying informed.

Temple students should actively seek to bridge the gap between Main Campus and its satellite campuses, whether it be a two-mile or 6,700 miles difference. 

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