Take election seriously

Recognize the importance of your vote, as Pennsylvania is a swing state this year.

While Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was on Main Campus on Monday, she spoke about issues related to “millennial voters,” like struggling with student debt and youth activism in an academic setting.

We encourage you to make your own decisions about who to vote for come November, but agree with the sentiment Clinton stressed about young people — they need to get out and vote.

“Not voting is not an option,” she said to a crowd of about 200 people. We’re repeating it because we can’t emphasize that idea enough.

“We’re making it easy,” Clinton said, referencing the hundreds of people on college campuses and in Philadelphia who have set up tables and pounded the pavement with voter registration forms. We know on Temple’s Main Campus alone, groups like Temple College Republicans and Temple College Democrats, as well as campaign organizers from both parties have been making an effort to get students registered at their current address.

As you encounter these people, be respectful and consider the importance Pennsylvania holds in this presidential election. With 20 electoral votes up for grabs, both Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump have frequented the state and our city in the last few weeks.

Clinton reminded attendees Monday that there were only 50 days until Nov. 8 — Election Day for local, state and the presidential election. We want to remind you that there’s only 21 days to register to vote in Pennsylvania, whether it be online, by mail or in person.

While we don’t endorse  or condemn Clinton’s policies, we agree with what she said about getting involved in campaigns: “There’s no doubt,” she said, “you young people have a large stake in this election.”

In the next few days, take the time to learn about  all of the candidates and make use of the volunteers who have dedicated their time to make sure Pennsylvania counts in November.

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