Teenager arrested in connection with robbery and assault south of Main Campus

Two students were assaulted on the 1500 block of Oxford Street on Feb. 25.

A 13-year-old boy has been arrested after two students were assaulted on Feb. 25 between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., on the 1500 block of Oxford Street, south of Main Campus.

The first incident occurred when a female student paused during a jog to ignore a call being made to her cell phone. When she began to run again, she was approached by a male juvenile who struck her on the arm and snatched the phone, said Deputy Director of Campus Safety Services Charlie Leone. The boy then fled the scene with a group of females.

An hour later a male student contacted Temple Police from Student Health Services and reported being punched in the face by four or five males on the same block, Leone said.

Both students sustained injuries. The female sustained minor abrasions to her arm and the male suffered from cuts and bruises to the face.

Leone said he believes that the juveniles involved in the case know each other.

“We believe these juveniles may be from the same school and hanging out after classes,” Leone said.

CSS is working in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police Department to patrol the area both in uniform and undercover to search for the other juveniles involved. Leone said that local schools will be among the places that will be searched, with the aid of security camera footage taken of the suspects at the scene.

Cindy Stansbury can be reached at cindy.stansbury@temple.edu.

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