Temple trailblazers

The Temple News presents its annual issue of exceptional people.

In this week’s Living section, readers will meet several members of the Temple community who are doing exceptional things.

They’re people you’ll find in classrooms, throughout the city or even online who are making strides in their respective areas, despite any time constraints.

Every week, The Temple News introduces people you should know. But the undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and alumni who we’ve profiled in this issue represent people who don’t accept the status quo, and who work hard – defining what it means to be a part of the Temple family.

From working in Congress, to traveling to Africa, to conquering the blog and social media frontiers, the people chosen to be profiled in this annual issue – and on temple-news.com – have something to say, and aren’t afraid to do so. Their voices are worth open ears and eyes as you peruse this issue of The Temple News.

We can’t include everybody who fits the bill, but we ask that you take this as a sampling of all the people that make Temple the unique institution that it is. If you know someone else who should’ve been included but wasn’t, contact The Temple News and we’ll try to incorporate him or her in our future coverage.

The names of our movers and shakers are Jane Gordon, Uri Pierre Noel, Iris Ong, Veronika Paluch, Joey DeAngelis, Joe Hoeffel, Kishwer Vikaas and Angela Washko. They’re the people who are making strides and blazing trails – shaking up the system as it stands.

They are people you want to know. Visit our Living section to get acquainted.

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