Temple University to stop funding Philadelphia Police Foundation

The university will instead direct money to social justice programs.

Students protest on Main Campus on June 16 raising concerns over Temple's support of the Philadelphia Police. JEREMY ELVAS / FILE

Updated at 4:02 p.m.

Temple University will no longer provide financial support to the Philadelphia Police Foundation, President Richard Englert announced in a statement Friday afternoon.

At protests earlier this month, students raised concerns about Temple’s relationship with the Philadelphia Police Department and its funding of the Temple Police Department

On Wednesday, the University of Pennsylvania made the same decision to withdraw funding from the Philadelphia Police Foundation, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The institution will also review its own police department, the Inquirer further reported.

Temple acknowledged its past support of the Philadelphia Police Foundation, though an exact figure was not stated. 

“Upon review and community input, we have decided that the university will no longer provide this support,” Englert wrote. “Instead, Temple will reallocate these funds to support social justice programs at the university.”

A spokesperson for the university declined to provide additional comment.


  1. Uuummm………. so you are going to leave your students unprotected and worry about social justice when one of your students can get shot, mugged or raped just walking to class! This is a ridiculous idea! How about you do both? Why choose one or the other? Why not better training for police and accountability for alleged perpetrators. Don’t your students matter to you or are you just following the mob and the cancel generation and not taking into account safety and security of your students? Temple needs to take a page a page from Hillside College! You should have been working for social justice and standing against racial discrimination all along! I thought you were by some of your actions! Your actions are enough! However, after seeing this abomination of a decision, I guess I was wrong! Are you doing this because your federal funding was threatened by a political entity unless you went along with their false narrative? Actions, Temple, actions speak louder than words! You should do what is right and be a leader rather than a follower! Think of your students and their safety and stop bowing down to this mob and their mentality. Your students who want to withdraw funding from police will be the first one’s to call the police! The irony and hypocrisy of this situation considering your location should have been enough for to value the safety of your students over following this cancel generation! I hope you have some great lawyers because if god forbid something happens to any of your students their parents are going to be suing you even if that student wanted to stop funding to the police. YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE MISTAK! I have been saying this under 30 crowd lacks common sense and critical thinking skills for several years now. Now I have to adjust my decision and include you in this observation. I thought you were leaders? Now I know you are just followers. What a shame…………

    • My wife and are Temple Alums and long-time supporters,but no more,Instead of giving to Temple we will give to the Police Foundation.We are also wondering how Temple will “cook” their crime figures?Let the Temple protesters guard their classmates?

  2. Shame on Temple University! I’m embarrassed to wear temple gear now. When will people open their eyes to the hypocrisy! We are now living in a world where what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong! Wake up people.

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