Temple Update shows take the spotlight

TUTV shows were nominated for Emmy Awards for two 2013 episodes.

Temple Update, a product of the School of Media and Communication, is in the running for two nominations for the 2014 College and University Production Awards. SASH SCHAEFFER |TTN
Temple Update, a product of the School of Media and Communication, is in the running for two nominations for the 2014 College and University Production Awards. SASH SCHAEFFER |TTN

Things are spicing up in the School of Media and Communication as two accredited Temple TV shows are waiting for the results of their Emmy nominations.

Temple Update is currently in the running for its fourth nomination since 2011 for the College and University Production Awards. OwlSports Update is also in the running for the first time.

Executive Producer and Media Studies and Production Professor Peter Jaroff said he is pleased with the results of the crew and is happy to be nominated again, but happier about his students gaining the experience they need.

“We’re very happy to be nominated. It’s exciting, but the main point of Temple Update is to give students the same experience as a newsroom, to have quality broadcast journalism and have some fun along the way,” Jaroff said.

The April 25, 2013 episode helped the students gain experience in breaking and live news.

“Some days there is more news than others,” Jaroff said. “There was a lot of news that week.”

Temple Update Producer and senior media and production major, Karina Cheung, said the stories were particularly compelling that week.

She had the opportunity to help cover the research of Dr. Howard Palamarchuk, from the School of Podiatry, about the students and staff that traveled to help runner’s injuries at the Boston Marathon, but ended up dealing with injuries from the bombing.

“It was a really sad piece,” Cheung said. “How hectic it was. How grizzly it was, all of the wounds. It was very moving,” Cheung said.

Another tragic story in the episode was about a West Chester freshman, student Ali Fausnaught, who died after falling off a rooftop at a party on Temple’s campus.

“It was huge that we we’re able to cover such a big story breaking live,” Temple Update and OwlSports Update anchor and Senior Broadcast Journalism major Chase Senior said. “It was in a timely fashion we were able to cover.”

Jaroff and his students believe that episode was so strong because of how hard all of the students worked to put it together.

“The students believed it was the best show,” Jaroff said. “It was a good effort overall with everybody being involved.”

Senior was not only on board for the Temple Update episode that was nominated, but also an anchor for the March 27 OwlSports Update episode that was nominated.

“We provide them everything from the latest scores and games to the recent happenings of each sport. We give compelling stories that they wouldn’t know if they didn’t watch OwlSports Update,” Senior said.

To provide high quality sports news, Senior and others from OwlSports Update had the opportunity numerous times to travel to away games.

Senior has been with OwlSports since it first started in Fall 2012 with a small group of people that has started to grow in the last six semesters and has gained recognition, he said.

“The crew has grown immensely and the following has picked up significantly,” Senior said. “People are starting to catch on to what we’re doing.”

Senior said the dedicated group that he has worked with in the past couple years have become like a family and were able to form a bond while working together.

“We have really grown into a tight knit family,” Senior said. “There’s a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst all of the crew members.”

As a part of both nominated shows, Senior is prideful in the success both groups have found in the past year to receive these nominations.

“Everyone has shown a lot of pride and bravery,” Senior said.

Jaroff has seen students come and go within Temple Update. Though some may think it would be challenging to start over with new faces, Jaroff believes they will still have a smooth transition.

“Some of the students I have worked with for eight semesters, some of them are new,” Jaroff said. “I have confidence that they will turn out more excellent programming.”

OwlSports plans to improve itself by starting The Matt Rhule Show this semester, which will highlight previous football games and preview the coaches of the upcoming games.

Both shows will find out the winning results on Sept. 20.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without everyone involved,” Cheung said. “It was a great team effort.”

Karlina Jones can be reached at karlina.jones@temple.edu 

*Editor’s note: Chase Senior has also freelanced at The Temple News. He played no role in the editing process of this article.

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