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Open communication benefits administrators, media and students.

In response to our Nov. 10 editorial, “Misguided Priorities,” President Theobald reached out to our editor-in-chief. The subject line of his email read, “Could we meet to discuss stadium proposal?”

There were a few things, he said, that needed to be discussed.

The Temple News has been covering the proposed plan for an on-campus football stadium for the past few weeks, working off information from community members, businesses, trustees and other students. It wasn’t until the president wanted to sit down with us to discuss the proposed plans that we were able to give the Temple community direct information.

During a time when students across the country are criticizing their universities on restricting their First Amendment rights, we thought this couldn’t have been a more appropriate response to our editorials and coverage from our president.

As the watchdog for this community since 1921, it’s our job to ask questions, but we know that not every question is answered—especially from a university that serves more than 37,000 students. It’s encouraging to see the president and university administration reaching out, even when we don’t ask them directly.

We value communication between student journalists and administration, just as we admire communication between professional journalists and government officials. We hope students read and are better informed by these opportunities to sit down and have a discussion. Moving forward, we’ll keep asking questions, and it’s promising to know we have a pretty good shot at getting them answered.

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