The Essayist 2021: A Year of Firsts

This year’s edition of The Essayist reflects on college students’ experiences as they transition to post-pandemic life.

This year’s Essayist is a reflection on a year that represents the first steps towards normalcy since March 2020. 

From COVID-19 vaccines, to easing of travel restrictions, to reopening of schools and businesses and constantly changing mask mandates, this transition back to life post-pandemic has not been seamless. 

Students can live without their day-to-day experiences being consumed by the pandemic for the first time in nearly two years despite the confusion and hesitancy surrounding the adjustment back to normal life. Some students developed a deeper connection to their ethnic identity as a result of being able to travel, while others were able to explore their gender identity in the safety of their homes. 

Others have realized that these school years affected by COVID-19 only added to their academic experience and made them stronger, while some students began to fix their own unhealthy habits developed before, during and after the pandemic. 

We continue to feel the effects of the pandemic, but 2021 showed us there can be light at the end of the tunnel. With 2022 approaching, we will focus on the bright side and celebrate our “firsts”, even when the adaptation to life post-pandemic challenges us. 


Julia Merola

Opinion Editor

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