Theobald meets with students in Student Center Atrium

Students express concern over threats, cost of education, at meet-and-greet.

President Neil Theobald met with a few dozen students Tuesday afternoon, during an informal meet-and-greet in the Student Center Atrium.

Theobald, who’s met with students before in similar events at Johnson & Hardwick cafeteria, said the events allow him to find out what people are talking about on campus better than if he were in his office.

“These are important to find out what’s on people’s minds,” said Theobald, who’s in the midst of his fourth month as Temple’s president.

He described his short time at the university “fast-paced” and said one of the more prevalent issues on students’ minds was safety around campus in the wake of reports that a threat referring to the Columbine High School shooting was written in a bathroom in Gladfelter Hall in March. Students also inquired about the cost of education and summer class offerings, Theobald said.

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For more on this, pick up The Temple News on April 23. 

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