Thinking of Paris

The Temple News thanks reporters and first responders for their service.

Here at The Temple News, our job is to present information we deem important and relevant to you. Some stories, however, are more difficult to report than others.

This weekend, multiple media outlets have reported more than 120 people were killed in several terrorist attacks in Paris, with scores more critically injured. In this week’s paper, we tied this national story to a vigil held Saturday night at LOVE Park, along with work from one of our reporters studying abroad in London this semester.

Most importantly, The Temple News stands with and sends our deepest condolences to all those personally affected by the attacks Friday. As the deadliest incident in Paris since World War II, we understand the magnitude of such an event—but cannot begin to imagine what the families and friends of the victims are experiencing.

We commend Paris’ first responders for their work in such a traumatizing situation. We applaud the individuals willing to share their stories of horror as the events unfolded. Finally, we thank reporters on the scene for documenting one of the deadliest attacks in Europe in more than a decade.

While we’re running stories today based on events that happened more than 3,700 miles away, we urge you not to forget about these attacks, and to continue thinking of those impacted around the globe by Friday’s incidents.

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