Traveling time in a hot tub

Imagine going back in time during your hot tub dip in Cancun over break

Imagine going back in time during your hot tub dip in Cancun over break

College is full of wild memories with your friends, but what if one of your memories included going back in time after a wild night of drinking in a hot tub?

In the movie Hot Tub Time Machine four best friends find themselves in 1986 after a wild night of drinking in a ski resort hot tub. While the men can see themselves at their current age, to everyone else they look like their younger selves in 1986. One even discovers that he is not even born. Throughout the movie, each person attempts to change his future while in the past. Hot Tub Time Machine stars Craig Robinson, Rob Chorddy, Clark Duke, John Cusack and comedic legend Chevy Chase.

Courtesy Metro-Goldwyn/Mayer Studios Clark Duke as Jacob, Craig Robinson as Nick, John Cusack as Adam and Rob Corddry as Lou star in Hot Tub Time Machine, which comes out this Friday, March 26.

For cast members, filming Hot Tub Time Machine was a memorable experience filled with laughter. Between ordering room service to the hot tub and singing at karoke bars, the most memorable moment of filiming for Clark Duke and Craig Robinson was working with Chevy Chase.

“It was the best week of my life,” Duke said in a conference call.

Cast members were amazed at Chase’s comedic genius.

“He’s a comedy legend. It was awesome to watch him work and learn from him,” Robinson said.

But filming Hot Tub Time Machine, with all the fun and laughter, did not come without its challenges. For Robinson, learning how to ski was his biggest challenge, but he said he can now plow his way down a mountain. Duke had to gain 40 pounds to play the role of Jacob.

During filming, the cast members used a lot of improvisation techniques.

“A lot of things you will see were not in the actual script,” Robinson said. “The director [Steve Pink] was very encouraging about improving.”

Cast members worked together to blend their comedic styles,and improvisation was a collaborative effort.

“If someone started a joke, everyone else joined in,” said Duke.

Hot Tube Time Machine promises to take audience members on a journey and make them laugh out loud. When receiving the script, both Duke and Robinson said they thought the movie was hilarious. With John Cusack, a 1980s film icon, as one of the main characters, Adam, Hot Tub Time Machine shows some of the ridiculous hairstyles amd colorful outfits of the 1980s.

With its promise of laughter, members of Hot Tub Time Machine’s cast said they hope audience members will enjoy the ride back into time.
Hot Tub Time Machine will be in theaters Friday, March 26.

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