Triangle, we are heartbroken for you

The Editorial Board encourages people to support student journalism.

Most of today’s conversations about the future of journalism focus on professional news outlets, layoffs and digital subscription rates. But if we’re going to talk about the future of journalism, we need to look to student journalists and ensure they gain a solid ethical foundation while they’re still in school.

On Feb. 8, The Triangle, Drexel University’s independent student newspaper, did not print for one week because it ran out of money. The Temple News’ Editorial Board is heartbroken to see The Triangle struggle, but also proud to see the outpouring of support for the student newspaper from Drexel and its alumni that got it up and running once again. 

Student newspapers and professional outlets are facing the same challenges: declining ad sales and less public trust in the media. We also have other challenges, like simultaneously putting out a paper while also attending classes and learning a lot on the job. 

It’s important for universities and their communities to support an independent student press. We are here to serve as a voice and source of information for our readers. We strive to keep an eye on the power our respective universities wield over the community, and we can’t do that without support.

Whether you read The Temple News, The Triangle or any other student newspaper in your area, take a moment to see how you can support the work we do. We are working to build our futures in journalism, but we can’t do it alone.

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