TSG breaks in new Senate at first meeting

TSG leaves old structure behind with their new Senate

Temple Student Government left behind their old structure with their first Senate meeting on Monday.

The Senate contains representatives from each school and plans to meet the first and third Monday of the month. Its purpose is to fairly represent each school and serve the student body. It was established last year at the TSG Constitutional Convention.

“Greatness isn’t something found on a resume,” TSG Senate President Jeff Dempsey said in his opening words to the new Senate.

Dempsey emphasized the fragility of TSG, but also said the convention last year “set the goals that will lead to greatness.”

TSG Chief Justice Alex Herrera swore in the attending senators, asking them to affirm that they will do their “best to maintain the welfare of the student government and the student body.”

The Senate is broken up into four different committees: allocations, internal conflicts, government operations and university affairs.

Each committee discussed their purpose and gave their report.

The allocations committee deals with giving out the appropriate funds for each organization. The first deadline for allocations is Sept. 26.

The internal conflicts committee deals with the identity and morale of Temple students.
The government operations committee handles all the legislation of TSG, specifically the by laws and the Senate rules.

The university affairs committee helps with more concrete issues such as advising, faculty apathy, and environment issues.

“The senators are to act as the power broker between the students, schools, and administration,” Dempsey said.

Kylie Patterson, a junior political science major and university affairs committee member, presented the first recommendation for an ad hoc advising committee. This committee will be responsible for investigating the issues students face with advising and how best to address these issues.

The TSG Senate passed the recommendation unanimously after some consideration to ensure that all schools were represented in this investigation.

Rebecca Hale can be reached at rebecca.hale@temple.edu.

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