TSG committees restructured

The Temple Student Government has been restructured to help streamline the process at the weekly General Assembly meetings.

In an effort to strengthen communication between student organization representatives and Temple Student Government, TSG’s nine committees have been restructured to help streamline the process at the weekly General Assembly meetings.

The committees this year are: university pride and traditions, local and community affairs, campus life and diversity, student affairs, recruitment and retention, academic affairs, grounds and sustainability, government affairs and the newly added campus safety. Each committee is led by a director to facilitate discussions and build relationships.

General assembly members will now stay with the committee of their choosing throughout the year with the objective of forming a stronger connection.

“[GA members] can hold TSG accountable as to how much progress we’re making, but they can also see the progress that we’re making as conversations go from month to month throughout the year,” Student Body President Ryan Rinaldi said.

Director of Recruitment and Retention Chloe Adams said as a freshman, she was scared of speaking up. Her goal as director is to retain student interest in TSG and form a better connection with the student body.

At the General Assembly meeting Sept. 21, students brainstormed and brought up issues and questions they had about TSG, as well as what they’d like to see throughout the year.

Adams said she would also like to see organizations interact with each other.

“Being in an organization [can be] frustrating,” she said. “I made it my primary goal to see that the unheard voice is heard.”

Director of Campus Life and Diversity Asad Naqvi said he hopes to make progress in developing diversity at Temple.

“I felt like in the past, diversity has always been marketed to students as some unreachable objective, some standard that would be great but isn’t something we will necessarily reach,” he said.

“I think what I bring to the table is action items and steps to reach an ‘optimal level’ of diversity. We may not reach that level while I’m the director here, but it’s time that diversity not be marketed as such an unreachable objective,” he added.

Naqvi’s plans include working with Dr. Carmen Phelps and the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership, along with building a committee of student leaders who represent a broad variety of organizations.

A survey will also be distributed to students to understand what diversity means to “the average owl” and how TSG can improve their experience.

“TUnity was a very good pledge, but it’s time to make that more than words,” Naqvi said. “TUnity doesn’t deserve to be a noun, it deserves to be a verb.”

The campus safety committee was added because of the often negative perception around campus safety services, Rinaldi said. Committee Director Brett Ennis will serve as a direct liaison between the department and the students.

Adopt-A-Block and other community service initiatives will be organized by the local and community affairs committee, led by Committee Director Melonie Collado. Collado will work with Captain Eileen Bradley, project coordinator of campus safety to create and run community events and programs.

Rinaldi said organization representatives also have a responsibility to maintain their relationship with TSG.

“As a representative, you have a duty not just to be here, but be active as well,” he said. “You should be in constant communication with your governing body.”

Lian Parsons can be reached at lian.parsons@temple.edu, or on Twitter @Lian_Parsons.

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