TSG: Google Form doesn’t cut it

Temple Student Government is introducing campus-wide “multicultural caucuses” as platforms for cultural and international student organizations to voice concerns about diversity.

The “caucuses” will be conducted through Google Forms, where students will submit their concerns, said Ammani Khan, TSG’s director of campus life and diversity.

The primary goal of a caucus is to encourage open dialogue, and the spirit of this is lost when the platform being used is one that collects individual input with no direct interaction. The nuances regarding diversity cannot be adequately captured through an online form.

The Editorial Board doesn’t believe change will be implemented through this online system, as there’s no pressure on TSG to actually provide solutions and advocate on behalf of minority groups on campus. This form does not hold TSG accountable for addressing these problems.

While we acknowledge TSG’s attempts to engage with minority voices on campus, the Editorial Board would like to emphasize that efforts to promote inclusivity on campus shouldn’t be so passive. 

We suggest that TSG organizes in-person dialogues over the course of the semester so that student organizations have a chance to voice grievances and engage directly with each other to find solutions.

Editor’s Note: Colin Evans, news editor, contributed reporting to the accompanying news story. He played no part in this editorial.

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