TSG highlights 2012 questionnaire results during meeting

The questionnaire reflected 19.7 percent of the student population.

Project Manager for Assessment and Survey Research Dana Kerr presented results from the 2012 Temple University Student Questionnaire at the Temple Student Government General Assembly meeting Monday, Feb. 18.

The 2012 questionnaire reflects the opinions and experiences of 5,264 students, which is 19.7 percent of the student population. The results cover a myriad of topics ranging from the general opinion of the university to the number of hours students spent studying and socializing.

With 92 percent favorability, the statement “I would view course and teacher evaluations if they were available” received the highest marks on the survey.

On the other hand, “I am satisfied with the opportunities for employment on campus” was the least favored with only 49 percent agreement.

Other statements that received low marks included, “Availability of open course selections” and “I am satisfied with availability of advising” at 50 percent and 61 percent, respectively.

Kerr also highlighted that 85 percent or respondents categorized their experience at the university as positive and 87 percent believe that Temple provides an academically challenging environment.

TSG Student Body President David Lopez invited Kerr to the meeting to highlight important survey results that are pertinent to TSG initiatives.

“We sat in a meeting with her over winter break, during which in time she shared some of the results of the student questionnaire which sparked our interest in some initiatives that included everything from health services to student feedback forms,” Lopez said. “Because of that we thought it would be a good idea for her to come and share that information with the general student body.”

Elections Commissioner Fallon Roberson-Roby made the other main announcement during the meeting. Roberson-Roby reminded the General Assembly that the information and signup packet for the upcoming TSG elections is due Feb. 28. The packet is available online and in the TSG office.

TSG elections will take place April 9 and 10.

Laura Detter can be reached at laura.detter@temple.edu.

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