TSG introduces tickets during State of Campus

During yesterday’s State of Campus address, the running tickets introduced themselves and incumbents discussed Sex Fest, allocations and elections.

During yesterday’s State of Campus address, the running tickets introduced themselves and incumbents discussed Sex Fest, allocations and elections.

Yesterday afternoon, students met their potential Temple Student Government leaders for next year – TU360, Break Thru TU and Owls United – during TSG’s State of the Campus address in the Student Center.

JOSH FERNANDEZ TTN TU Purpose President Alvaro Watson addresses TSG President Kylie Patterson regarding allocations he was unable to obtain for two speakers’ hotel rooms during their visits.

Break Thru TU, which consists of presidential candidate Natalie Ramos-Castillo, vice president for external affairs candidate Damon Williams and vice president for services candidate Alex Shelow, was the first ticket to be introduced, represented by Ramos-Castillo and Williams.

The next introduced, Owls United, consists of presidential candidate Malcolm Kenyatta, vice president for external affairs candidate Chanee Lay and vice president for services candidate Maggie Thompson.

TU360, which was represented at the meeting by vice president for external affairs candidate Jessica Reed, includes presidential candidate Jamira Burley and Vice President of Services Mark Fabbi.

After the candidates gave condensed spiels to the audience, which consisted mostly of senators and student organization representatives, a comment-and-question time ensued for the audience.

TU Purpose President Alvaro Watson took the floor, questioning why his organization was given initial approval for allocations that were later denied to him.

Ramos-Castillo, the allocations chair, and Student Affairs Program Coordinator Maureen Fisher addressed the question, stating that allocation requests must be submitted as early as possible to ensure funds. Fisher went on to say that the $2,500 per semester that an organization is allowed can not be guaranteed.

After the meeting, Watson said a lack of communication between TSG and himself resulted in him paying $458.50 out of pocket for hotel accommodations for two guest speakers at a drug, alcohol and domestic violence event.

Watson said after he e-mailed a TSG representative in charge of honorariums, he waited roughly three weeks for a response, at which point his event was a few days away.
“They told me all the money was basically out [and that] if there is any money left at the end, I’ll get reimbursed,” Watson said, adding that he doubts this will happen.
After the comments-and-questions ended, a series of announcements were made.

Senior Ariana Santiago, a student development coordinator at the Village of Arts and Humanities, asked students to help her off-campus organization in allowing 25 local teenagers, ages 15 to 18, to “shadow” college students for a day, April 1.

“You pick them up around 9 [a.m.], take them with you and deliver them back,” Santiago said.

Her organization is aiming to give local students an early perspective on college life.

Government Senator for the College of Liberal Arts Eva Alkasov formally introduced her event, Sex Fest 2010, previously covered as “Sexual Awareness Week.”

Sex Fest will take place April 5-9, with volunteers at the Bell Tower from noon to 3 p.m. and events to follow in the evening.

Students in the audience also learned of an opportunity to learn basic bicycle riding safety in Philadelphia.

“Urban Riding Basics” will hold its second lesson in 3B Conwell Hall tomorrow at noon. The lesson will last roughly one hour, and participants will receive discount vouchers for helmets from Breakaway Bikes.

The final State of the Campus Address of the semester is scheduled for April 26 at 4 p.m. President Ann Weaver Hart is expected to attend.

The meeting ended with a message from TSG Elections Commissioner Lacole Foots. She encouraged the students in the audience to consider running for TSG Senate. The Senate application deadline is tomorrow.

“The Senate directly involves student allocations,” Foots said. “I’ll let that marinate for a bit.”

Angelo Fichera can be reached at afichera@temple.edu.

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