TSG’s Parliament holds first meeting

Members of Parliament were sworn in and announced nominations for Speaker of the Parliament at Monday’s meeting in the Student Center.

Parliament, Temple Student Government’s new 37-member student representative system, held their first meeting on Monday, Jan. 23 and immediately followed TSG’s first General Assembly meeting of the semester.

After Parliament members were sworn in at the end of the GA meeting, they began by opening up the floor to any motions to be put forth by the members, as outlined in Parliament’s bylaws.

Parliament members began by briefly debating whether or not students should have access to unofficial transcripts. The motion was tabled by the interim speaker, Jemie Fofanah, and she encouraged the group to have a mock debate because it is their first meeting. The issue will be revisited at the next meeting, and the legislative body  

The four members of Parliament were announced as running for Speaker of the Parliament: Joseph Basile, junior class representative; Ari Abramson, the Fox School of Business representative; Jordan Laslett, an at-large representative and Anthony Henderson, the College of Education representative.

Members of Parliament, with the exception of the Speaker of Parliament, will be required to sit on one committee, according to TSG’s constitution. Committee membership will be assigned at the next meeting by the speaker, who will also be elected at that same meeting on Feb. 6.  Each committee will then elect a Committee Chair to oversee the committee.

Each of the six committees are listed in TSG’s constitution and will focus on a different aspect that affects the student body. These include: Academic Affairs; Student Life; Diversity and Inclusivity; Pride and Tradition; Local, Government, and Community Affairs; and Wellness.
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