TTN comes clean a la Facebook’s ’25 Things’

The Temple News staff provides you with its rendition of Facebook’s “25 Random Things.”

Editor in Chief Chris Stover wrote about the “25 Random Things” phenomenon on Facebook on Feb. 17. This inspired the staff of The Temple News to divulge some random facts of their own. Enjoy this inside look at TTN staffers.

Brendan McHugh scrimmed his brim.

Julia Wilkinson had her lip pierced, took it out, and had it repierced. She also had her eyebrow pierced.

Anthony Stipa has had stitches in his head twice.

Stephen Zook was arrested for defiant trespass for skateboarding in a parking garage.

Shannon McDonald collects dice and anything that has dice on it.

Shannon McDonald doesn’t like to wear shoes.

Todd Oskin climbs rocks for fun.

Dave Isaac has had two NHL players shoot pucks at him and got in a verbal tiff with another.

Chelsea Calhoun matches her bra with her undies every day.

Ashley Nguyen has an unhealthy obsession with the Kennedy family, particularly JFK.

Morgan Zalot drinks at least two cups of coffee per day.

Morgan Zalot found the best view of the skyline of Philly, which she and some close friends now consider a best-kept secret of the city.

Maria Zankey de-friends people on Facebook once they make a Picnik album.

Maria Zankey submitted a title that was chosen to be illustrated by Sam Brown on

Kevin Cook likes to keep Jolly Ranchers and Tootsie Pops in his pockets.

Kevin Cook’s favorite band in fourth grade was Hanson.

Jen Reardon realized she was sitting five rows behind Albert Pujols at The Lion King only after she saw a hand holding a Kit Kat bar walk past her during intermission and looked up to see him standing there.

Jen Reardon constantly has nightmares about tornadoes. Must have been that flying cow in Twister.

Jen Reardon prefers to be called Jen rather than Jenny because of the nickname 1-800-Jenny Craig in elementary school.

Kriston Bethel played bass and was the lead singer in a classic rock cover band for two years.

Brittany Diggs once cursed out a homeless woman who was riding by on a bike, after the woman wrongfully accused of her being in the way.

Brittany Diggs had a habit of falling off staircase banisters as a child.

Sherri Hospedales is afraid to watch scary movies.

Sherri Hospedales wants to name her future son Julian, after the cute kid in Big Daddy.

Vanessa Rottet is addicted to marshmallows and will eat a whole bag of mini marshmallows in one

Andrea Caldarise has denied her status as an abstract artist with Robert Storr, the former painting director of the Modern Museum of Art.

Kevin Brosky drinks Snapple at a rate of about two per day, although today he has already exceeded that average.

Chris Stover can cite every line from the 1985 movie Clue.

Chris Stover didn’t know he could shrink shirts in a dryer.

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