Tuition to rise by $600 following flat state funding

The University said the money set aside for financial aid will increase by close to $10 million.

The university announced today that Temple tuition will increase by about $600 per student and the financial aid pool will grow by about $9.6 million, following approval by the Board of Trustees this morning. This follows Governor Corbett’s approval of Temple’s flat funding on Thursday as part of the commonwealth’s annual budget.

Tuition, which rose by about 3.69 percent, was set later than usual this year because of political delays to the budget in Harrisburg. This marks the fourth year of Temple’s appropriation being set at $139.9 million following the $10 million drop in state funds in 2008.

“Major cost drivers for this year’s increase include enhancements in student services and contractual salary increases,” the university said in a press release today.

Mandatory fees will stay the same for the coming school year, the press release read. The school has also established the Student Loan and Money Management Center, which offers information on financial literacy topics like loans and credit.

Of the four state-related institutions – the others being Penn State, Lincoln University and the University of Pittsburgh – Temple was the only university to not receive any bump in state appropriations for this year’s partially-approved budget. Although Corbett has vetoed other elements of the budget related to funding the state government, the governor didn’t challenge the state-related institutions’ funding.

In a June 2013 meeting, the trustees voted to increase tuition by $400 for in-state students and $600 for out-of-state students, while raising mandatory fees by $100.

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