University denounces Israel boycott

University officials found no ties between school and boycotting organization.

A statement signed by President Theobald and Provost Hai-Lung Dai opposing a boycott of Israeli academic institutions by the American Studies Association was released by the university Tuesday, Jan 7, joining more than 100 other national universities in denouncing the boycott.

According to the organization’s website, the ASA is “the nation’s oldest and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history.” It has more than 5,000 individual members and 2,200 institutional subscribers to its journal, according to the website.

In December, the National Council of the ASA announced a boycott of Israeli academic institutions, citing support of Palestinian students. The ASA held a vote among its members, in which two thirds supported a resolution to boycott, according to a statement from the editors on the associations website.

“Rather than limiting its association with other institutions,┬áTemple University calls upon the ASA to remain true to academic inquiry by engaging with those who have divergent views,” Tuesday’s statement read.

Ray Betzner, a spokesman for the university, said administration “cannot find any link” between the ASA and officials at the university or in the College of Liberal Arts. Betzner reiterated from the university’s statement that the school in not an active member of the ASA.

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  1. I think Temple should boycott and divest from the Islamic world.

    This holiday season witnessed a large increase in Christians being killed, raped and forced into refugee status throughout the Islamic world.

    This past year witnessed ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Pakistan and Buddhists from southern Thailand.

    This past year witnessed Palestinians further destroying their own people’s freedoms with Palestinians being tortured for speaking out against their leaders, be it Hamas or Fatah.

    This past year witnessed Syrians starving Palestinian children to death in Syrian refugee camps, in addition to the creation of two million refugees and the death toll skyrocketing towards 200.000.

    This year witnessed another several hundred thousand refugees being created in Mali thanks to Islamic aggression.

    This year witnessed increased attacks against Southern Sudan by Muslim jihadists.

    This year witnessed endless attacks against Christians and their property in Nigeria.

    This year witnessed relentless persecution of homosexuals throughout the Islamic world.

    Shall I continue?

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