Voices: How do you support small food businesses?

Students share how they are supporting small restaurants near Temple University.

Holly Baj

Junior health professions major

“I go out a lot to China Star or Potbelly. And I guess at first, I was kind of stressed about these places opening, because that is my main food source at school and like I really like these places and I want them to stay on campus. So, now that they are open I try to take advantage of that and like, keep going because if I want them to stay in business, I want to help them stay in business.”

Kristen McCollum

Sophomore communication and social influence major

“I haven’t been going to restaurants lately because with the pandemic I haven’t had a job, so I can’t really afford to. So, I’ve just been getting like super basic ingredients and like making my own lunches and dinners at home.”

Ani Rowland

Junior advertising major

“I chose Bagel Hut because it’s the best bagels in Temple. It is just so good to support a business like that because first, it will keep the business itself alive through this pandemic because I know a lot of businesses, like the Bagel Hut, are struggling like with just not enough people coming because they are worried about maybe [COVID-19] or not going outside because of the pandemic.”

Jordan Kligman

Senior journalism major

“I am eating to support a small local business, with COVID and how it has impacted local sales. We’re just eating here [at The Crepe Truck].”

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