Vote in TSG elections this week

The Editorial Board encourages students to vote Tuesday and Wednesday for next year’s Temple Student Government administration.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Temple University students can cast their vote in the 2019-20 Temple Student Government elections. The two executive teams on the ballot are RiseTU and BecomingTU. All students running for Parliament seats are unopposed. 

We strongly encourage students to take the time to vote for an executive campaign they feel is best fit to represent the entire student body next academic year. 

After all, students are the only ones who can hold TSG accountable, and that can only happen if we all take the time to read up on those who are running and have our voices heard through a vote. 

Though TSG reported its third-highest recorded turnout last year, a vast majority of Temple’s student population is still not voting for their student leaders. These leaders are tasked with communicating with university administrators and implementing programs that will benefit the Temple community. And they should get to hear all students’ voices when taking on this responsibility.

The Temple community should not continue this pattern of apathetic voter turnout again this year. 

To vote, students can go to and sign in using their AccessNet usernames and passwords until Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. Information about BecomingTU and RiseTU, as well as Parliament candidates, can be found on the right side of the website, and in The Temple News’ coverage of the first and second executive team debates and the at-large Parliament representative debate.

All seven candidates for Parliament seats will be automatically elected because they do not have challengers. The winning executive campaign will be announced on Thursday.

Stay active in TSG and be sure to vote in this year’s election. 

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