The Temple News’ Voter Guide has everything you need to know about the Nov. 7 municipal election.


In just two weeks, Philadelphians will have the opportunity to cast their ballot in the Nov. 7 Pennsylvania municipal elections.

Many offices will be on the ballot, including the City of Philadelphia’s 100th mayor and various City Council races, among other positions and a ballot question.

Voter turnout is historically lower during these off-year elections, but some of these seemingly “smaller” offices hold a significant impact on policies impacting the Philadelphia community.

The Temple News’ Voter Guide 2023 will serve as a go-to for the latest on where, how and when to vote. Read on to also learn about what’s on the Nov. 7 ballot and how the mayoral candidates plan to encompass Temple into their plans for the office.


How to vote in Philadelphia’s 2023 municipal election

Only 18.4 percent of registered voters participated in the last municipal election. | NOEL CHACKO / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Map by John Branyan, Data Editor

Where do the mayoral candidates stand on Temple issues?

Cherelle Parker (left) and David Oh (right) are the two major candidates in Philadelphia’s 2023 Mayoral Election. | ROBERT JOSEPH CRUZ / THE TEMPLE NEWS | COURTESY / WIKI-IMAGES

Democratic candidate Cherelle Parker and Republican candidate David Oh share how, if elected, their policy goals as mayor would impact the Temple community.

What’s on Philadelphians’ ballot this Election Day

Philadelphians will vote on Nov. 7 for many major offices held throughout the city and state. | RJ FRANCESCHINI / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Besides the mayoral race, Philadelphians will see an array of different offices and a ballot measure on Nov. 7. Here’s what you need to know about these positions.

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