Welcome Tyler with open arms

In their first semester at main campus, students at Tyler should be welcomed to the Temple family.

Temple’s international spectrum is visible everywhere on Main Campus, a place where diversity is not defined geographically.

One thing that Temple takes pride in is its ability to offer a vibrant experience to students. Undergraduates here have so many choices. Even undeclared majors can dabble in a little bit of everything to find a good fit.

Ainsley Carry, dean of students, can attest to this experience. Carry said Temple’s greatest strength is its diversity of students’ thoughts, perspectives and attitudes.

By adding to the university’s diverse student body, the Tyler School of Art will make Main Campus its permanent home in the Spring 2009 semester.

“[Tyler students] will add to the spirit of art, culture and vibrancy that we enjoy on Main Campus,” Carry said.

Brigitte Knowles, Tyler’s senior associate dean of architecture, said this move is historic.
“This is an extremely important moment for Tyler and for the university,” Knowles said, adding that this is “truly exciting in the history of Tyler and the university.”

It appears that the feeling that the Tyler move will be beneficial to the growth of Main Campus is mutual on the administration side. As a bonus, the building looks a little more inviting than Alter Hall, which looms over the Student Center, intimidating all those determined business students.
For Main Campus students, the move is causing quite a positive buzz.

“I think it would be a better way to diversify the campus,” said Elaina James, a senior in the College of Education. “[Tyler students] are most creative and less affected by mainstream cultures so it would definitely bring a new feel to campus.”

Dominique Wilkins, CEO of the Konnoisseur Group, an event and marketing management company, said the move also has something to offer the entertainment scene in North Philadelphia.

“I actually like the idea of it because it gives me more access to better designers and artists, while increasing the amount of people to market our events to,” Wilkins said.

Art is something beautiful, not burdening. The Tyler School of Art will bring something beautiful to life here on Main Campus.

Lindsey Granger disagrees. Respectfully, of course.

Tara Moore can be reached at tara.moore@temple.edu.


  1. Hello, My name is Adam Schneck. I am a Tyler art student and I am one of the many students who have been studying on main campus the entire time i have been studying on Campus. I feel it is a wonderful thing that we will be joined by the rest of the Tyler students, but Tyler students have already been on campus for awhile now, we are sometime referred to as the “Tyler Rejects.” Some of us did not have a strong enough portfolio at first, others wanted to enroll in the art education program, and others just wanted to experience the diversity of education and cultures Temple prides it self in. I cannot speak for all of us but in general we are not upset by this. The separation of the BA track and BFA track to sting us a little, it can lead to interalized oppression after awhile. We are just as accredited artists as BFA students. This is way it is a wonderful thing that we are finally being reunited as a whole. That is the point this article misses. As I mentioned earlier, Tyler students have been on Main campus since the 1970’s if my history is correct and we are proud of our education and choice to stay on main campus. We will not go overlooked any longer and we will not have to be since we will finally be united as one.

    Thank you for hearing me out

    Adam Schneck
    BA in Studio Art (with a concentration in Printmaking and Painting)
    Tyler School of Art, Temple University

  2. Adam:

    I absolutely concur with your comment, as I had to chose the BA route instead due to logistics and have felt the same “second class citizen vibe”

    Thanks for bringing this up.

  3. No offense, but what was the real point of this article?
    If you want to talk about a different type of student body from the point of view of Main Campus non-art students then talk about it…
    There is so much information out there, so many resources about where Tyler has been and where people feel it may go. I know the school is getting a lot of attention about this move, but if you want to write about it, write about it.
    You aren’t saying anything.
    We totally agree with Adam (thanks for making the point).
    and yeah… who is Lindsey Granger???

  4. The misconception that a BA is equated to a BFA is definitely unjust.

    I recently received a BFA from Tyler School of Art in May and I feel it is unfair to equate the two. There are many reasons why BFA’s are awarded to certain groups of people who chose to study the Arts at an intense and competitive environment. Being a recent graduate and someone who has attended a number of classes at the Main Campus, I can testify to the fact that there is an extreme separation between the programs– one that goes back to when the school was first established at it’s own separate entity. Tyler moving to Main Campus does not mean that the BA is equivalent to a BFA by any means, and if this is the belief than I feel that the once strong and reputable Art Program will suffer.

  5. I am glad to see i hit a nerve with some people. My intention of my initial comment was to bring light to this problem. I am not trying to get in a pissing match with anyone, or trying to degrade a the BFA students. I am fully aware of the difference between to two programs and I understand there is an “Intense and Competitive environment in their program. I initially was making a comment about how BA students are over looked. If you wanted to get into a pissing match, then here is some fuel for the fire: I am in my senior fall semester, Am a BA undergrad and I have a paid apprenticeship with Pepon Orsori. Secondly, it is a fact that many graduate school prefer BA undergrads because they know they have had a well rounded education, and are fairly decent writers. One finally piece of kindling to stoke the fire, By having a BA and a well rounded education I have a better chance of finding a decent paying job. This way I can pay for graduate school and support myself while I am working my way into the Gallery Scene.

    There That should Really help what I set out to do shouldn’t it? It will really bring us together since we are a part of the same school and all.

    But don’t worry We’ll help you out getting used to the north Philly neighborhoods and help you find your way around campus.
    I recommend at the beginning of spring semester all the Tyler student get together, have a huge dodge ball fight to get all the hostility out and coexist peacefully the rest of the semester.

    Adam Schneck

  6. “Secondly, it is a fact that many graduate school(school should be “schools”) prefer BA undergrads because they know they(second “they” should be “the students”) have had a well rounded education, and are fairly decent writers. One finally(wrong choice of word?) piece of kindling to stoke the fire,…”

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