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The Temple News believes that a lot of questions still need to be answered.

On March 15, Provost Richard Englert issued an updated version of his White Paper, a series of proposals to streamline processes, restructure colleges and cut costs, as Brian Dzenis reports “Provost calls for restructurings,” p. 1.

While The Temple News supports moves to save the university money during tough economic times that are defined, at least at Temple, by decreasing state funding, the proposals are being passed along hastily.

The Temple News does not support or denounce the plans outlined by the provost’s White Paper, but we are strong in our assertion that more questions need to be asked and answered.

Programs in place are expected to remain intact, but more specific details need to be made known so that no one is blindsided by quickly made decisions. Do the graduation requirements of students in their programs change under a new school or college? Will the specifics of any degrees, which students enrolled at Temple are pursuing, change with a change in school?

The Temple News will explore these questions and continue to update its readers with information pertaining to these proposals as it becomes available.

The increasing tuition paid by students buys them the right to have a more serious role in the decision-making process at Temple than the one currently in place.

The university needs to hold, and advertise for, meeting opportunities for students to ask the provost and individual schools’ leadership about these changes. More importantly, students need to be asking questions, making their concerns known and demanding the results they want to see.

As much as the provost claims students will be unaffected, a change in an institution undoubtedly means a change for those who comprise it.


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