A fresh start with a freshman

A freshman details his excitement and fear as he begins his first year.

I am a freshman film major with a dream of breaking into Hollywood. Ever since I was 7 years old, I used my family’s old Macintosh computer and an early version of iMovie to make short, plotless skits.

When my grandfather bought me my first camcorder at age 10, I began teaching myself how to edit videos and create special effects. With each step, my passion for filmmaking slowly became less of a hobby and more of something I envisioned as a career.

While most people think of college as a bright, new chapter in life, when I first started thinking of college I was terrified of some aspects and ecstatic about others. Who knew where my college experience would take me? Would I be successful? Would I get good grades? Or would I accidentally set a piece of toast on fire in the dining hall? I was truly afraid that everyone else would be better and more creative than me.

Although I am learning to think differently, being self-conscious only hinders my creativity and drive to do what I love. Someone once told me that you only get worse if you tell yourself you will. I do not want to shrink as a creator, but grow as one. I want to think outside the boxes and molds of normality and be unique. I want to gain the academic skills and persistence to achieve these goals, too.

If there’s one thing I have to keep telling myself, it’s that I am not alone. There are people who can help me grow and teach me how to be better. Whether they are friends, professors or strangers on the streets: everyone has something to offer.

I committed to Temple less than two weeks after being accepted. The food, the urban environment and Temple’s film program are just some of the things that drew me to this school.

In the Temple University Class of 2022 Facebook group with thousands of members of my incoming class, many people wrote short bios about themselves to introduce themselves. I was eager to write one, but hesitant because I didn’t want to be viewed as annoying. I eventually decided to write a nonsensical slew of one-liners rather than a “bio,” which, coincidentally, perfectly showed who I am. More than 50 people liked it.

People’s positive reactions encouraged me to not be scared when trying to make friends. Because of this, I successfully made friends at Experience Temple and freshman orientation. This especially made me excited to meet my other roommates. I am living in Morgan Hall North with my best friend from high school and two other students that we selected randomly.

I hope I grow as a student, a friend to others and as a creator on campus. The next four years can be amazing if I play my cards right. I suck at card games, but I’ll make it work.

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