All Temple Students should utilize alumni networks

A student argues their peers should be making alumni connections in order to advance their careers.


Looking for job opportunities has never been easy for me. I’m unsure of where to start looking for openings and struggle making connections with employers. 

Knowing how to connect with employers can be challenging when first looking for career opportunities, especially when a student is unaware of how to find career resources. 

Talking to professors or career coaches is a great place to start, but using Temple’s alumni network is a huge advantage because it provides students with the chance to talk to Temple alumni about career connections.  

“A lot of people, when they think of job searching, they think of hitting Indeed or LinkedIn and just applying for as many positions as they can, and kind of hoping for the best, which is actually the least efficient way to job search,” said Stacy Li, a career counselor at The Joyce K. Salzberg Center for Professional Development. 

One of Temple’s largest career resources is alumni networks, which gives current students the chance to make valuable connections, learn from experts and potentially get their foot in the door at a prospective employer.

Because alumni networks are easily accessible for making connections, all students should be searching through the listed alumni and reaching out to people. Students can connect with alumni by attending events hosted by Temple, where they can meet people with similar interests in their field. 

One of the main ways to connect with Temple alumni is through Owl Network, a website where students can connect with recommended alumni based on their interests and the goals they’re looking to achieve.

While networking online is important, students should also attend in-person networking events Temple hosts to connect with alumni, including happy hours and game watches, according to their website

Alumni networks are a powerful tool for students because it can provide them with access to professional resources, and going to alumni events can also help students practice their networking skills while making connections, said Francesca Fadgen, the assistant director for Alumni Affairs.

Connections made through networking can help students further their career, because alumni can assist them in meeting future employers or colleagues. They can also provide resume reviews, or inform students about exclusive job postings.

Anjali Popli, a sophomore marketing major and the director of chapter operations for Temple’s American Marketing Association, uses alumni networks like those within the Fox School of Business to organize alumni social events.

“It’s a great chance to talk to people who were in the same boat as you and to look at their marketing journey and find where you can be more involved,” Popli said.

Some important networking skills include communication, active listening and public speaking. While these skills may seem simple, not every college student easily develops them.

For example, 77 percent of people have anxiety about public speaking, and college students tend to struggle the most with this, according to VeryWell Mind, a mental health resource. However, students can use events as an opportunity to build and practice their skills.

I often struggle with communication and have anxiety about public speaking. However, by attending these events, students can practice  overcoming their anxiety and have an easier experience finding jobs and internship opportunities. 

By utilizing alumni networks, students are able to get ahead in their job search by making valuable connections with possible employers or colleagues. Students should be attending alumni events that push them to use skills and committing their time to building their relationships.

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