April 24: Temple Sustainability Progress

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The Office of Sustainability has released its 2022-23 Sustainability Annual Report, which includes the progress made on its goals from the 2019 Climate Action Plan. With 25 of the 44 goals being met 19 of the goals are still in progress most notably in the categories of energy and operations. Managing editors Sarah Frasca and Julia Merola go in depth about what progress has been made and the challenges the university has faced. 

In the past 2 months, there have been 4 incidents of children and teenagers gathering in large numbers on main campus typically around Cecil B. Moore Avenue and Broad Street. At these gatherings, there have been incidents of fights, firing guns, and throwing rocks at police present at the scene. News editor Sidney Rochnik talks about how police respond to these meet-ups and what is planned to do to engage kids in more positive ways. 

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