Aramark: include students

As the university’s food provider, Aramark should not ignore students’ environmental concerns.

The organization Students for Environmental Action recently created a petition addressed to the university’s food service provider Aramark to stop the use of single-use plastic utensils, paper plates and bowls in Morgan Dining Hall.

SEA has reached out to Aramark directly with its concerns this past year, but the corporation hasn’t proposed any solutions.

Temple Student Government has asked Aramark to make its on-campus services more sustainable, but none of these suggestions have been implemented either. Aramark, however, is considering requests for next school year.

The Temple News thinks it’s unfortunate Aramark hasn’t been able to implement even one request from either TSG or SEA in its first year on campus. Aramark’s seeming disinterest in students’ concerns is not a good sign, especially given the food service provider is just beginning its 15-year contract with Temple.

When students care enough about sustainability to repeatedly reach out with their concerns, Aramark has a responsibility to seriously seek solutions and discuss them with students.

Through its Green Thread sustainability pledge, Aramark has committed to goals like locally sourcing food, establishing waste minimization practices and conserving water and energy.

When students suggest ways Aramark can fulfill its own sustainability goals — like minimizing the waste caused by single-use plastic utensils, paper plates and bowls — the food service provider should listen, or at least communicate with students.

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