Bucking the trend this Spring Fling

Kegs and eggs, Polish happy hours, case races and keg kills are a few of the ways that Temple students start the glorious day of Spring Fling off “right.”

In recent years, it has become common knowledge around campus that the key to a successful Spring Fling is pounding back the alcohol fast and early. Yet, this excessive drinking often leaves students passed out in the early afternoon, with their only recollection of Spring Fling a blurry, sloppy, incoherent mess. Of course, many students do not spend this day drinking themselves into oblivion and they also take advantage of the many activities which are offered.

However, one thing’s for sure – alcohol or no alcohol – Spring Fling is undeniably a happy end to the spring semester.Freshman elementary education major Amy Smith has heard rumors about Spring Fling and wonders what it’s all about.

“Many people have told me that Spring Fling is a very big party day,” Smith said. “I’ve been advised that I should go to my classes all semester so that I can use my absences for Spring Fling.”

“Spring Fling is a time to highlight student organizations, promote school spirit and celebrate the end of the spring semester,” said Gina D’Annunzio, interim director of the Office of Student Activities. Some students take advantage of the fun-filled activities offered at Spring Fling that are not related to drinking.

Students can educate themselves on student organizations and buy food from local
vendors, or they can participate in more extreme fun, such as a Velcro wall, an obstacle course, tents featuring the newest video games and a mini ramp for skateboarding with a DJ and bands on hand.

Junior psychology major Rob Sprenkle said not enough students take advantage of the activities that are provided.

“I think that the events are a lot of fun – like the bull ride, rock wall and jousting event. “And I want to go around and look at all of the booths and participate, but none of my friends want to because they just want to drink,” Sprenkle said. A dilemma that reoccurs every year with Spring Fling is whether or not to skip classes. Temple does not cancel classes on this day, and with so many students partaking in the day’s festivities, professors must find a way to cope.

Marketing professor Joseph Cohen said he has never had students come to class drunk, but has gotten numerous e-mails providing
reasons for their absences. One example of an e-mail Cohen received is, “Professor Cohen, I’m not going to lie. I got extremely loaded at Spring Fling yesterday, and I’m not feeling so hot. I’m not going to be making it to class.”

Cohen said that he was an undergraduate
student once, and he acknowledges and accepts the fact that sometimes students want to have fun.

“Honestly, if a student came to class on Spring Fling drunk, I would just tell him to go home and take a nap,” he said.

Rachel Knorr can be reached at rachel.knorr@temple.edu.

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