Butterfly festival is a ‘treat’ for families

Families came out to Holmesburg, Philadelphia, to experience a day among butterflies.


The Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion in the Holmesburg neighborhood held their second Butterfly Love Fest on Saturday. Families came out to enjoy crafts, games, and live butterflies and insects. 

Michelle Rivera, from Wilmington, Delaware, brought her son and a friend. 

“I love butterflies, this is my treat,” she said. “They’re landing on you and everything, it’s great. It’s definitely worth coming to see.” 

The butterfly pavilion includes various plants and flowers, as well as reptile enclosures and cocoon displays. Throughout the rest of the museum, kids made insect-themed crafts and painted their own butterfly wings.

Mary Ann Poupard, a Parkwood resident, saw the Insectarium in the newspaper and came with her family, she said. Poupard came with her daugher and grandson.

“He’s all excited about the whole thing, and I love the butterflies,” Poupard said. “I think they’re beautiful. The kids always get me butterfly cards and everything.”

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