Campus is more than just bustle

Three of the most beautiful places on an urban campus offer plenty of peace and quiet for busy students.

On a campus caught up in the bustle of city traffic, pollution and just general noise, it is often hard to hold onto any moment of serenity.

Temple students who really take it upon themselves to explore the quite vast campus before them, can easily find a number of quiet locations perfect for studying, relaxing or just spending a few minutes of peace.

These are three of the best places to find that ever-so-important moment of tranquility:

Founder’s Garden, a shaded square adjacent to Speakman Hall, provides a momentary escape for students like Dan Tran looking to sit and relax for a few minutes during busy days (Tim Bennett/TTN).

Founder’s Garden
Located right in the middle of campus, a stone’s throw away from both Liacouras Walk and the Bell Tower, is Founder’s Garden. Shaded by overhanging birch trees, the garden provides a surprisingly peaceful place to sit down for awhile. Many students usually walk right through as a shortcut or simply do not venture down the few steps into the garden.

Be sure to say hello to Temple’s founder Russell Conwell if you stop by this botanical haven. Behind Conwell’s giant bust lay his and his wife’s graves in the northwest corner of the garden.

Tuttleman’s Outdoor Courtyard Café
Ensconced between Tuttleman Learning Center and Paley Library is a shaded, airy courtyard, secluded from the noise and busyness of the rest of campus. This ideal spot for eating, studying or socializing also contains some of the most beautiful and unique plant life on campus.

The courtyard can be accessed by walking down the steps in the lobby of Tuttleman to the lower level. Here students will find Fresh Bytes, a café that serves a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads.

Students can take advantage of one of the lesser known meal-plan-accepted locations and get some air at a table right outside.

Anderson’s Rooftop Grass
It is no secret that Temple’s campus is very limited on grass, since cement and asphalt make up the majority of the terrain. Beury Beach has always been a green hotspot, crowded with students basking in the sun on beautiful days. A slightly more relaxed alternative to the “beach” sits atop Anderson Hall on the first floor walkway that extends to Gladfelter Hall. This rooftop getaway sits below the two tall office towers.

The sometimes breezy spot is home to an often overlooked section of campus grass, which grows in a large, square planter box. For students looking for a great place to bring food, study or lay out for a midday nap, the rooftop offers a wide-open feel with a good view of the Bell Tower.

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