Come to a compromise

Temple Association of University Professionals, the university’s faculty union, resumed negotiations with the administration on Friday, compromising on several elements of a new contract. 

The two parties dropped their proposals for a reformed disciplinary process for tenure-track faculty. They came closer to an agreement about faculty pay, said Steve Newman, TAUP’s president. 

The university and TAUP are still discussing several issues, like guaranteeing automatic consideration of promotions for instructors, diverse hiring practices and creating childcare programs, Newman said. 

The two parties will continue discussing these topics today and Thursday. 

But the contract expired last week, and this concerns the Editorial Board. Faculty should be able to focus on educating students under a fair contract. 

The Editorial Board urges the university and TAUP to come to agreements in a timely manner, so faculty members are not left unsure of their wages and benefits, among other things.

The success of our university is dependent on the efforts of our faculty and adjunct instructors, and they deserve to be compensated and treated fairly. But we hope this is not a drawn-out process and that the two parties will come to a compromise soon.  

Editor’s Note: Colin Evans, news editor, reported the accompanying news story. He played no part in writing this editorial. 

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