Jack-o-lantern trail features pumpkin art


On Saturday, hundreds of people gathered in West Fairmount Park to see Jack’s Pumpkin Glow, a one-third-mile trail decorated with more than 5,000 pumpkins from  local farmers that were hand-carved by local artists. 

Kristine Vo, a senior bioengineering major, said she looked forward to seeing the pumpkins and decorations. 

“I really like how artistic it is, how creative they can be with it,” she added.

At the trail entrance, Jack’s Pumpkin Glow hosted family-friendly activities, like face painting and a small pumpkin patch photo booth for children.

Angela Scarpa, 56, from Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, attended the event for her first time. 

 “I was close enough to see all the pumpkins and how it was made, but some of them were set back so far that it almost looked like they weren’t pumpkins,” Scarpa said.

Along the trail, massive pumpkin structures depicted aliens, dinosaurs, a lighthouse and a ship.

Chris Whelan, 36, from Hatboro, Pennsylvania, attended the event with his wife and three daughters. 

“We had a great night here. Everyone loved it,” Whelan said.

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