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Mural Arts Philadelphia brought people together on Oct. 22 to appreciate art and life.

A mural at Mural Arts Fest in LOVE Park.| ERIKA MONN / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Philadelphia’s LOVE Park seemed to glow with sunshine as people gathered around to dance, hula hoop and admire the art around them.

On Oct. 22, Mural Arts Philadelphia hosted a Mural Arts Fest in LOVE Park to bring people together to commemorate life and all it offers. Throughout the event, attendees colored in a mural that people could freely add to as a way to come together while creating art. 

The organization hosted the festival as a way to give back to residents by creating innovative solutions for restorative and environmental injustice and beautifying the city through murals.

Participants got their faces painted, hula hooped, explored the art around them and danced with others. 

Kelsey Lee came to the event because the company she founded, the Philadelphia Spin Coalition, provided materials like hula hoops and tennis balls for juggling so that people could participate in non-traditional forms of movement arts that wouldn’t normally have a platform, she said. 

The Philadelphia Spin Coalition is a nonprofit organization that provides accessible and affordable movement arts education and social gatherings.

“Getting people to smile with a hula hoop is pretty easy and it’s really rewarding, it’s one of the reasons I have stayed involved for so long and it is the reason I am out here today,” said Lee. 

Everyone’s creativity combined as they joined together in making art and exploring movement art. 

Camille O’Connor is the manager of tour and group sales for Mural Arts so they take guests to see the murals and help spread the word. 

“It’s a great organization,” said O’Connor. “I like working with them and doing more in person events and stuff is really fun,” said O’Connor. 

Mural Arts continues to give back to Philadelphia by creating empowering art, beautifying the city and giving monetary donations to residents.

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