Come Together, Right Now

Freshmen, find your counterparts fast.


Here we go with an advice-spiel for freshmen. I know I’m not very different. I’m only a sophomore. But I admit that I feel like an old lady most of the time. So treat me like an elder whose word by which you live. Like Dr. Sue!

The biggest deal for me my first week as a college student was meeting people. I came from across the state and I didn’t know anyone. Plus, I’m quite the introvert when it comes to new people so I needed to meet some close friends. The kind that liked bathroom humor and sarcasm.

You may be saying, “Fart jokes aren’t funny,” but I’m sure some of you are still in the same boat I was a
year ago. Temple proved to me to be a great place for mingling, especially during the first week. Nobody seemed to be afraid to approach you and ask the four obligatory questions: name, origin, major, dormitory residence?

I’m telling you, do not let this week pass by.

After this week, you won’t be stuck with just freshmen; you’ll be dealing with the rest of the student body that has returned to the campus. And it will just seem silly and irrelevant for you to walk up to a random person and ask them about how they like living in Hardwick Hall. Make your connections as soon as possible.

Speaking of connections, something I found surprising was how finding someone with weed or beer took priority over finding a potential best friend. But then I realized that I really shouldn’t be surprised. A large portion of my conversations during the first week consisted of people looking for the hook-up.
Now I’m not saying for you to go out and commit illegalities. But, they do have the right idea: find someone with your interests. Like I said before, I needed some funnies. And I found them. I was also seeking some fellow cyclists. I also thought it would be nice to have someone to ride around the city with me and show me the good vegan restaurants. Luckily for me I found my roommate to be the perfect person for the job.

If you like sports, find an athlete. If you play the guitar, find another musician. If you’re a jerk, find another asshole. The first week is the best chance you have to be direct. You haven’t started classes yet, and everyone else is as bored and desperate for social interaction as you. So be straight: “Hey, I see that you own the adventure pack of all three Jurassic Park movies. I think I’m in love with you.” You can also look at this opportunity like a clean slate; make something up and become a social experiment.

Be creative, be direct and be safe. Make sure your experience during the first week of your freshman year is something you’ll be reminiscing about with your friends when May comes.

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