Freshmen, don’t fret

What every freshman should know right off the bat.

Freshman year of college is going to full of new experiences, surprises,and big changes. For most freshmen, going to college means being away from home for the first time in their lives. This means more choices and challenges than ever before. There will be things that you will be proud of, things that you wish you wouldn’t have done and things you wish you would have known.

These are not the lessons that you will learn in class, these are the lessons that many upperclassmen
have learned the hard way, so read up!

Take advantage of the many resources here at Temple.
That includes the TECH Center, Paley Library, the Writing Center, Health Services, the Math and Sciences
Resource Center, Career Services, IBC Student Recreation Center and the Tuttleman Counseling Center. They are all included in your tuition and were established to make your life easier.

Get involved.
Look into Greek life, campus organizations, and teams. A large university like Temple offers many opportunities for involvement and interaction—take advantage of them. It will help you to find your place here and meet new people. It won’t hurt to network with peers that share your interests.
Descriptions of activities in professional organizations are ideal to detail on your resume.

Steer clear of the hook-up.
Don’t hook-up with random frat guys or sorority girls. You will be the flavor of the night, but chances are you will wake up feeling not so great about yourself. Also, if you don’t want to have an awkward
year, don’t hook up with the people on your floor. You will run into them in the hallway, elevator,
and laundry room.

Don’t be that guy/girl.
Most freshmen are basking in their new found freedom and want to go out and enjoy their new lifestyle with a few beverages. Let’s be honest—having a little too much will happen, but don’t make it an allweek
habit. You will end up making a fool of yourself, and no one wants to baby-sit you all the time.

The freshman fifteen is no joke.
Piling your plate with mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers at fourth meal, combined with binge drinking, will make you gain a few pounds. Luckily, the IBC has some awesome group classes that will help you fit into the jeans that you brought to college.

Remember you’re in North Philadelphia.
Be aware of your surroundings when going out and never walk home by yourself from a party. Walking the streets like you own them with your shoes off is never a good idea.

Strive for roomie harmony.
Your roommate doesn’t have to be your best friend, but do try and act cordial. Establish rules early on in the semester, and confront a problem when it occurs. If you really aren’t getting along, talk to your resident assistant or the Office of University Housing.

Make a routine.
If you’re not a morning person, avoid 8:40 a.m. lectures, because chances are you will end up skipping. If you learn how to manage your time early on, college life will become easier. If you plan ahead when studying for exams, you will dodge the stress of cramming and won’t feel burnt out.

Don’t buy your books at the bookstore if you can get them cheaper. and are great Web sites where you can sometimes find textbooks for half the price at the Main Campus Bookstore in the Student Center. Zavelle Bookstore is another bookstore that can be less expensive, located at 1520 N. Broad St.

Stick it out.
You may get homesick or feel lost until you get settled. Transferring is always an option, but first become accustomed to Temple. It might take a full semester to adjust to being somewhere new, but it will get better!

Last but not least, always have fun. Soon your freshman memories will start to fade as you begin your sophomore year. These next four years are going to fly by, so make them count!

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