The Temple News recounts the stories, experiences and obstacles endured by the Class of 2024.

The Temple News’ Commencement Issue 2024 is one marked by nostalgia and the things that used to (and probably still do) make us sentimental and hopeful at the end of each school year. 

Composition notebooks that our teachers would instruct us to write journal entries in, yearbook signings on the last day of school, photos that we would take with our friends to celebrate the end of an era and the start of a new one. 

From looking back on the significant memories made at Temple to examining how student debt and the job market will impact graduates to highlighting post-grad plans for seniors and star student athletes, each commencement story in this paper embodies the ability to reflect and then look forward.

On a personal note: After quite literally spending each day of my college career with The Temple News, it is absolutely surreal to write this letter, but I would not have so many college memories to reflect on without TTN, and the wonderful people I’ve met here along the way. 

So, grab your friends, your cap and gown and your pen or pencil to do our graduation-themed word search.

It’s time to turn the page.


Fallon Roth, Editor in Chief



What to know about Temple’s 2024 Commencement

Beginning on May 6, graduation ceremonies will take place throughout the following weeks. | FERNANDO GAXIOLA / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Temple students, alumni reflect on Biden’s successes and failures in student loan debt relief

Though Biden has canceled billions in student loan debt, many students feel it has not gone far enough. | FERNANDO GAXIOLA / THE TEMPLE NEWS


Jordan Magee fulfills lifelong dreams of making the NFL

Magee’s play aided him in fulfilling a lifelong goal of playing in the NFL by getting drafted by the Washington Commanders in the fifth round of the NFL draft on April 27. | ROBERT JOSEPH CRUZ / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Brooke Donabedian elevates Temple Gymnastics and won’t stop yet

The current senior announced she’d be coming back for a graduate season, giving her a chance to build onto an already legendary career. | ERIKA MONN / THE TEMPLE NEWS


Seniors, it’s okay to return home after graduation


To be a leader, shamelessly wear the overalls



Class of 2024 to enter tumultuous workforce

A large number of graduates are struggling to find jobs due to a lack of entry-level positions. | OLIVER ECONOMIDIS / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Senior to start “Hotdogger” position in June

Starting in June, Senior advertising major Riley Flanagan will take on a “Hotdogger” position at Oscar Mayer. | FERNANDO GAXIOLA / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Temple adjustments alumni donation engagement strategy

Temple adjusts its alumni donation engagement amid application enrollment and tuition increases. | FERNANDO GAXIOLA / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Senior to work for Senator Sharif Street

Following graduation, Megan Fortier will be interning for Pennsylvania State Sen. Sharif Street. | FERNANDO GAXIOLA / THE TEMPLE NEWS

Class of 2024 looks to celebrate first traditional commencement

The Class of 2024 looks forward to looks forward to their first, traditional graduation since the pandemic. | FERNANDO GAXIOLA / THE TEMPLE NEWS

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