Continue community ties

We hope that future Temple Student Government leaders preserve positive community programs.

Next week, Temple Student Government will begin a high school to college mentorship program with North Philadelphia students. In partnership with the Advocate Center, a local culture and education organization, TSG will spend the remainder of Spring 2018 helping prepare neighborhood high school students for college.

We’ve been critical of TSG in the past. Just last week, we told the Temple community we were disappointed in the behavior of the Senior Leadership Team, Parliament and various TSG representatives.

Our opinion on that topic stands: The Temple News would rather TSG focus on important issues instead of arbitrary infighting and impeachments. But we support TSG when it institutes programs that benefit the North Philadelphia community, like this high school mentorship program.

Now, we are in the very beginning stages of another student government election. On Monday, TSG announced the three tickets running to represent the student body for the 2018-19 academic year.

It is true that the upcoming high school mentorship program will likely benefit area students. It is also true that the current TSG administration has only a few months left this school year before another takes over.

Regardless of which team students elect to represent them, we hope next year’s elected officials keep up the beneficial community programming that this year’s TSG administration worked to implement.

This year’s administration has had its flaws, and also its successes, among them its outreach to the North Philadephia community. We hope next year’s team maintains the same level of engagement.

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