Crew competes in Head of the Schuylkill

Temple’s freshmen four stroked to victory, while the novice eight avoided a near-collision at the regatta.

The freshman four rowed to a first-place finish as the group was one of three boats to represent the crew team in the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta on Saturday.

The freshmen outstroked second-place Delaware to finish 14 seconds ahead of the Blue Hens in a time of 15 minutes, 22.3 seconds.

The novice eight were not as fortunate as they had to come to a complete stop mid-way in their race. The first-year rowers were able to avoid a collision on the river as they rowed around a  jam finishing in a 16th-place time of 15:38.35 among the 32 boats that competed on the 2000-meter course.

Although novice coach Dan Gother said he normally doesn’t prepare his team for such unexpected situation other than the traffic on the river they row with during practice, he was surprised by the way they handled the jam.

“I thought they handled it with some maturity that I never thought they had yet,” Gother said. “I expected it in the spring time but i thought it went over pretty well.”

The club eight, coxswained by sophomore Dylan McCreavy, was the last to get its oars wet for Temple as it finished ahead of 11 boats in eighth place in a time of 13:51. The boat not only raced against their collegiate peers, but also alumnus from other colleges and also club teams from boathouse row.

“They did pretty well,” assistant coach Brian Perkins said. “There were some heavy hitters in that group but they did decent, finishing better than half of the field. They were our less experienced guys so we worked on strategy. They are a little younger, but they are aggressive and would like to be in the Top 2 eights, but we will see what they work on.”

The Top 2 eights will hit the river tomorrow against some of the top crew programs in the country at the Princeton Chase, including Harvard, Yale, Northwestern and Cornell universities.

“Hopefully the Top 2 eights show the same momentum that these guys showed today,” Perkins said.

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