Data reviewal requires greater effort

Temple University should increase resources and staff allocated to the data verification unit in light of logistical issues.

Alex Diaz, the chief compliance chair at Temple University, told The Temple News that the university’s data verification unit has been overwhelmed by the amount of data it has to review and approve. 

The unit serves as the safety to ensure all data, including geographical, statistical or demographic data, used for rankings submissions, marketing tools and more university-related documentation is accurate. 

The unit is made up of three full-time employees and it sometimes uses an outside firm to help review data at busy times, Diaz said. Leaders at individual colleges and schools told The Temple News that they are experiencing long wait times to get their data approved.

The Editorial Board sees the unit as a necessary tool to stop any data falsification from happening, as it was created to follow the Fox School of Business’ rankings scandal last year. This was an important step taken by the university, and we hope it stays. 

Still, the Editorial Board hopes to see the university provide more resources and full-time employees to the unit. This will benefit the current employees in the unit and also address problems happening at individual schools and colleges. 

Data reviewal is a vital precaution to protect the legitimacy and honesty of our university, and Temple should invest as much effort, time and labor into this initiative.

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