TSG: Prioritize engagement

After 15 weeks, the Editorial Board notices a lack of engagement with the Temple community in TSG.

In March, Becoming TU won 55 percent of the student vote, with a platform focused on uniting the North Philadelphia community with students, improving Parliament and expanding inclusivity on campus.

Over the past couple of months, the Editorial Board has seen TSG’s participation in several events, like its third annual Sexual Assault Prevention Week and its second annual Campus Hunger Awareness Week. We have also noticed some effort to engage with multicultural organizations through a proposed online “multicultural caucus” which allows students to vocalize any issues about campus.

The Board believes it is necessary to continue successful initiatives of past administrations. Yet, when a community’s needs are ever-changing, an entity as important as TSG should adapt accordingly.

But, there is a lack of any organized plans to connect with the student body and residents. The core mission of TSG is to provide resources and opportunities for the Temple community. This cannot occur if programs are under-attended following inefficient outreach, like its first community forum on Sept. 24.

A successful student body is founded on thoroughly developed events and initiatives, efficient modes of communication with students and timely decisions.

After reviewing our semesterly TSG Report Card, the Editorial Board recommends TSG to use the upcoming break to reexamine its purpose and approach. There is a clear disconnect between TSG and the Temple community — and its roots lie in engagement.

An organization as large and powerful as TSG is a vital part of campus culture, and this editorial shouldn’t need to prove that.

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