Decline in affordability

Eliminating Elmira Jeffries will put a strain on affordable university housing options.

The university confirmed this week that it will not continue its contract with Elmira Jeffries, a residence hall that houses sophomores and upperclassman, located on 15th and Jefferson streets, for the 2015-16 academic school year.

 Though the dorm only accommodated about 140 students, it served as an important and much more affordable option to students even after the opening of Morgan Hall, which houses more than 1,200 students.

 The university released a statement before Morgan Hall opened for the 2013-14 academic school year that said the newest hall was built “in response to rising student demand for on-campus living options.” Since the university stopped its contract with The Edge – which accommodated 760 students – and now EJ, two on-campus options have been eliminated.

By cutting ties with the residence halls, students who don’t want to pay the university’s mounting on-campus housing costs are forced to find housing elsewhere, likely off campus.

 Students will still be able to lease rooms, which has floor plans available for one to four students with full bathrooms and kitchens, privately through Philadelphia Management Corporation. When it was an option through Temple housing, a student could secure a room for slightly under $4,000 per semester, while a room in Morgan Hall is more than $5,000 a semester.

 Eliminating Elmira Jeffries as a university-affiliated residence hall secludes students that are looking for affordable living without going through the hassle of finding a landlord and having to pay a monthly rent.

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