Diversity appreciated

Variety in food trucks helps spread culture through Main Campus.

We’re proud Main Campus has become a wonderful place for diverse foods. Each year, more vending options that represent different cultures and heritages present themselves to students and faculty.

This is something the university should not only celebrate, but also encourage to continue.

Our special issue featuring food vendors on Main Campus titled “Lunchies” showcases trucks like El Guaco Loco and Honey, and notes multiple vendors who think the campus could represent even more of the world’s cultures.

“When I want to start a business, I don’t want to make similar food with other trucks,” Tabeteki owner Jeff Ji added. “I don’t want to take others’ business, so I want to make some food here that Temple doesn’t have. … I do unique food … unique ones are like my self-point.”

The diversity of Main Campus’ food vendors provides students exposure to different ethnicities and cultures they would otherwise be unable to experience, thus making the university’s student body more well-rounded and understanding of the backgrounds of its peers.

We’re proud of this aspect of Main Campus’ diversity, and we hope with the passing of Bill No. 150498, which will create a new vending district, will not obstruct students’ access to those varied choices.

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